Academic Program

The academic program at Sacred Heart School is designed to build confidence in each student and encourage him/her to work and develop the skills necessary to work independently and communicate effectively. Teachers use formal and  informal assessments at all grade levels to determine the progress of the students in these areas. Test results from standardized testing show that students are at least one grade above national scores.

Our standard-based curriculum follow Archdiocesan guidelines and are aligned with, but not limited to, the common core curriculum.

Daily instruction takes advantage of emerging technology whether it be in the use of  computers or Smart boards.  A short range goal includes the purchase of iPads for all students in the junior high.  This avenue of learning will enable the students to explore content beyond the limits and resources of the classroom as well as utilize strategies for the delivery of relevant information.

A foreign language is also part of the regular curriculum for students in grades K thru 8 as are music, gym and art.

 is used by classroom teachers to meet individual student needs and creative learning modules are offered for those students who want to be challenged beyond the  regular curriculum.

SHS is accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC) and is a member of the National Catholic Educators Association (NCEA).