Store Rewards


Many corporate businesses sponsor fund raising programs for educational institutions. Simply register each year and help Sacred Heart School take advantage of these great opportunities! Email the following information into the Development Office ( or go online yourself to register at the following locations:

13 digit card number and the 1st 3 letters of your name 
CLICK here for more information


Register on line at (School ID 4431) or in person at any Target Store and whenever you use your REDcard, Sacred Heart will receive a % of every purchase.  It’s that simple!

Just sign up in any Big Y Store for Sacred Heart School in New Britain and give our Registration # 5453

Click on the link  or visit any store to register.
Sacred Heart School ID# 27959 

When your organization members purchase scrip, they're purchasing negotiable gift certificates that are used just like cash. The scrip is issued by the national and localretailer where many of your organization families already shop. These merchants want to support non-profit organizations, and in return ask you to support them by shopping with scrip at their stores. Families can use scrip to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, and other essentials, and with every purchase, they earn revenue for your organization.

  • All orders need to made on-line
  • Payments must be processed through the PrestoPay payment service
  • No Checks and/or payment are to be brought to school
  • Several retailers are available
  • Follow the directions to create a user account on the website
  • Gift cards will be delivered to school and distributed upon arrival

Enrollment Code:  DL57B3EE13541 (Sacred Heart School, New Britain, CT) 

Many corporations throughout the United States match employee contributions made to non-profit organizations.  It is certainly to our advantage to remind prospective donors to your Annual Fund that their gift can make a double - or even triple impact at no cost or inconvenience, if they are employed by participating corporations.  Click here to view the flyer developed specifically for the elementary schools in the Archdiocese of Hartford listing those companies that match gifts made to elementary schools.

Double Your Dollars - Corporate Matching Gift Program

Check your empty food wrappers, cans and boxes for these valuable coupons.  Cut them from the wrappers, put them aside and when you have a few, send them into SHS where they will be redeemed for great educational items or cash! 

 ...and DON’T FORGET to keep buying your STOP & SHOP and PRICE CHOPPER CARDS!